3 Things You Should Never Do At Your Work Desk


Every workplace has different rules and regulations regarding the conduct of their employees. While some workplaces are super casual, some are more strict in their approach. Either way, it is always a good idea to be at your best behaviour while at work. That also includes following some basic rules when you are at your desk. There are a few rules that you must observe when you are sharing your workspace with other people. This should be done not only to build a sense of decorum in the workplace but to also make sure that you don’t disturb your colleagues. Here are some things you can be mindful of.

Don’t talk on the phone loudly

This is certainly one of the most annoying things you can do sitting at the work desk. By doing this, not only are you disturbing your colleagues and hampering their work, but also letting people in on your personal life, which largely no one wants to know about.

Don’t eat at the desk

Although different workplaces have different rules regarding this, it is generally a good idea to not eat at your work desk. Why? For one, there is something to be said about the overwhelming smell of food spreading all around the workspace letting everyone know that a tiffin has been opened. Secondly, it is a healthy habit to move away from your desk while you are on your meal break; it gives the mind and body time to relax away from the workspace.

Mind your space

Are you one to spread your belongings all around your area of work AND the work area of the people sitting beside you? Don’t. Your bags, stationery, electrical items should not be scattered all around but should be well within your designated area of work. Physical spaces matter to a lot of people; no one wants their desk to be invaded by your stuff.


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