Vogue India photographer Errikos Andreao speaks up on backlash around Suhana Khan’s latest photoshoot


Suhana Khan becomes the latest to grace the cover of popular magazine Vogue for its August issue. The cover has Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter flaunting her best of the fashion sense with unmatched panache. However, the Vogue India cover shoot has attracted a lot of criticism on social media. Some believed there was absolutely no reason for presenting a young girl in this way, while others held the ‘nepotism’ flag in their hands.

The supercouple and the parents of Suhana Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan haven’t spoken anything about the criticism. However, the photographer, Errikos Andreou offered his two cents on the matter. Speaking to the Quint, he said that when they were clicking Suhana Khan, all they could see is a young girl who is having fun as she enters adulthood.

He said, “When I saw her, I saw a very beautiful, fresh kid and it was this freshness and innocence that I wanted to capture. But then once she started posing in front of the camera, I realised that this is not a child – this is actually a woman. A young woman who celebrates both her youth and her womanhood. In some pictures she looks innocent, in some pictures she looks sexy. But the sexiness that comes out is not a forced thing. It was a very natural thing. This is who she is.”



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